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2nd March - Mick

On the 2nd of March Gary Rance came along and showed us some good basic skew work with his round skew and showed us how he made a humming top. The techniques were interesting, he was chatty and the project was a good one to have a go at. The final humming top could only be heard by Gary but I think a bit of fettling should get more of a note out of it!

17th February - Mick

On the 17th of February Mick showed us how he makes a cheeky little bowl with a false lid which breaks in half in an unexpected place. As well as showing us an interesting new take on the lidded box Mick demonstrated how he creates some particularly delightul shavings.

3rd February - Geoff

Geoff showed us how to turn a set of coasters in a holder. The centred rings cut on one side of the coaster made a really nice pattern with the three sets of off-centre rings cut on the other side and Geoff's off-centre jig certainly gave me food for thought - it was an ingenious yet simple piece of kit. The demo was intersting, unexpected hurdles were overcome and the finished product was something many of us will be looking to have a go at. Many thanks to Geoff for a very good evening.

20th January - Roger

Roger gave an entertaining demonstraion of turning a chapter clock. It included some real-life scenarios such as finding the clock face hasn't made it to the demo and cutting through the first blank. Hands up anyone who hasn't tried that one yet! Roger displayed admirable calm and ingenuity and completed a nicely finished clock early enough that he was able to knock up a lovely little baby's rattle with captive rings as an afterthought. Altogether a very good evening of turning. Many thanks Roger.